Our initial product to market is a modular energy Energy Storage System designed to deliver backup power in the range of 5 to 100 kW over extended periods of time. With the advantage of rechargeable zinc-air fuel cell technology, the system can be configured to support a wide range of discharge power, recharge power and duty cycle requirements. An independent Battery Management System enables the system to be configured for any AC/DC, load/source environment.

Since the system is modular, it can be scaled from 5kW upwards, with additional modules added as required. The system can deal with long discharge periods simply by increasing the size of the fuel tank; while short duty cycles do not adversely affect the reliability and durability of the system.

Zinc8 5kw System

Product Features

SAFETY: Using only zinc and air as fuel, the system is one of the safest rechargeable ESS ever developed. Unlike other systems, the system uses no molten metals and no poisonous or explosive gases.

FOOTPRINT: Because the oxygen fuel is drawn from the air and does not have to be stored in a fuel tank, the system provides almost twice the energy density of competitive systems.

ECONOMY: The simplicity of the system and the minimal maintenance requirements deliver a cost-effective solution in terms of both initial and operating costs.

FLEXIBILITY: Unlike conventional batteries, the ESS operates as a fuel cell. This enables the energy capacity (kWh) of the system to be increased simply by enlarging the fuel tank. The separation of the power generation and zinc regeneration functions also enables the discharge power and recharge power to be separately configurable.

Principle of Operation

The fuel for the system is zinc and air – two of the most abundant, accessible, inexpensive and safe resources to be found. And because the air component of the fuel is obtained from the atmosphere and does not need to be stored within the system, the solution is very compact. The power (kW) and energy (kWh) can be scaled separately to service different applications.

Zinc8 Technology Principle of Operation

Our patented fuel cell technology stabilizes the power grid, making energy sources such as solar, wind, predictable and reliable.

The product line is based upon our unique and patented zinc-air fuel cell technology. Energy is stored in the form of zinc particles, similar in size to grains of sand. When the system is delivering power, the zinc particles are combined with oxygen drawn from the surrounding air. When the system is recharging, the zinc particles are regenerated and the oxygen is returned to the surrounding air.

Existing Patents

The Regenerative Zinc-air Fuel Cell (RZFC) is based on an intellectual property portfolio of more than 20 granted patents.

Zinc8 Patent Coverage

 Advantages of Zinc

Zinc as an anode fuel has an advantage over other metals due to its unique set of attributes, which include a low equilibrium potential with respect to hydrogen, electrochemical reversibility, stability in aqueous electrolytes, high specific energy, high volumetric energy density, abundance, low cost, environmental compatibility, and ease of storage and handling.

In particular, its low equilibrium potential and high over-potential for hydrogen reaction make zinc the element with the lowest standard potential among all the elements that can be efficiently reduced from aqueous electrolytes. This makes zinc uniquely suitable for high energy density and high power regenerative fuel cells.

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