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NYSERDA Supports Zinc-Air Battery Energy Storage System in Brooklyn

NYSERDA Supports Zinc-Air Battery Energy Storage System in Brooklyn

NA Clean Energy
March 12, 2020

Vancouver, BC-based Zinc8 Energy Solutionswhich is developing and commercializing a dependable low-cost zinc-air battery, announces a deployment agreement with Digital Energy Corp., a NY-based private sector developer of CHP power plants, solar systems and microgrids. This installation is financially supported by NYSERDA (The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority) for the installation of a 100 kW Zinc-Air Battery Energy Storage System in Brooklyn, New York. 

The Zinc8 Energy Storage System will support and enhance the economics of a CHP system currently operating at Brooklyn, New York.  NYSERDA is financially supporting this project deployment of CAD $2.5 Million, with a CAD $600,000 contribution as the result of a call for proposals. In addition, NYSERDA has chosen Digital Energy Corp, and Zinc8 as the Energy Storage System manufacturer to demonstrate the economics and reliability of Zinc8’s patented zinc-air battery technology for low-cost long-duration storage in a behind-the-meter application.

“This deployment marks a major milestone in Zinc8 Energy Solutions’ path to full commercialization and underscores the growing demand for low-cost reliable long-duration energy storage,” stated Ron MacDonald, President and CEO of Zinc8 Energy Solutions.

Despite advances in storage technology, and ever-increasing numbers of deployments, several technological optimization opportunities still exist including hardware cost reductions, enhanced system performance (efficiency, life cycle and thermal stability), and integration field testing with the grid and other applications. Improving and optimizing these areas will accelerate the growth of energy storage deployment. This project is focused on advancing, developing and field testing the Zinc8 storage technology that will address cost, performance and integration challenges in New York State.

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