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How zinc-air battery capacity might reach a cost of $45/kWh

How zinc-air battery capacity might reach a cost of $45/kWh

PV Magazine
February 27, 2020

Zinc8 revealed some of the details of its long-term energy storage product, including its pricing structure and the science that makes its technology possible.

It’s been suggested that to get the U.S. to 80% wind+solar power, we’d need enough energy storage to power the nation for twelve hours – roughly 5.4 TWh worth.

Zinc8 Energy builds a twelve-hour battery, and is aiming for longer duration and an extremely low price. pv magazine spoke with CEO Ron McDonald about the company’s target price of $45 per kWh.

The money

The price of the 100 kW/1 MWh battery the company is building for the New York Power Authority is confidential, but is projected to be $210/kWh. This first unit will be delivered in a shipping container designed for demonstration and easy inspection access of the hardware.

The more important number though is $45/kWh.

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